How to complete an international airwaybill

This page is relevant to you if you are based outside the US.
Customers based in the US, see this page.

Click here for information on how to complete the new DHL Airwaybill.

To send a shipment with DHL you will need to prepare a DHL airwaybill. The airwaybill is your shipment's ticket and passport to enable it to get to its destination.

  • It tells DHL where to take the shipment, what service you require and how you are intending to pay.
  • It gives you the terms and conditions of our service, and proof of consignment, with a number you can use to check your shipment's progress.
  • It tells customs what's in your shipment, so that it gets cleared through to its final destination with a minimum of delay.

In early 2002, DHL will be introducing a newly designed airwaybill. For some period of time, both versions of the DHL airwaybills will be in circulation. You may use either airwaybill for your DHL shipments. To view intructions on how to fill in the airwaybill that you are using, click on the images below.