Press Release - 23rd September 2002



DHL Worldwide Express To Deploy World's Most Advanced Clearance System Using Open Harbor Technology

San Carlos, Calif. - September 23, 2002 Introducing a new era in global trade management, DHL Worldwide Express and Open Harbor, Inc., today announced a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to deploy the world's most advanced customs clearance solution. When fully implemented, DHL's Worldwide Clearance System (WCS), powered by Open Harbor's real-time, web-based platform, will support the express company's operations globally and facilitate customs clearance for millions of packages annually.

DHL's ascent to global market leadership has always been distinguished by technological innovation; nonetheless, it has remained a challenge to provide every DHL location across its enormous network with up-to-date trade information - that is, until now. "WCS will allow every DHL location to access the latest regulatory information, and enable us to adjust quickly to changing trade conditions worldwide," said Jeffrey Bass, DHL's WCS Program Director."

Open Harbor's automated solution collects and continuously updates regulatory data: the system now holds over 8,000,000 trade rules, up from 6,000,000 just three months ago. The most comprehensive trade content in the industry is the fuel for WCS, allowing DHL and its customers to reduce customs audits and the risk of fines or penalties.

"Many vendors offering global trade management solutions talk about their ability to keep up with the changes affecting global logistics, but Open Harbor's real-time platform allowed us to make concrete commitments to DHL," said Open Harbor's CEO, Chris Erickson. "We're so confident in our ability to keep DHL and its customers in compliance that we've contractually committed to 99+% accuracy."

"No other company we evaluated had the technology or expertise to make this kind of promise," DHL's Bass added. "Open Harbor clearly offered DHL a new benchmark. Compliance and transparency has always been critical-all the more so now in our security-conscious times."

DHL's business is truly global: millions of packages are handled each year to and from the US, but millions more travel across Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. DHL found Open Harbor's ability to support customs clearance to and from virtually any country to be a major difference: in fact, the first DHL country to deploy WCS is Malaysia - a fast-growing economy with dynamic trade regulations, making it the perfect test-case for WCS. Currently in pilot production, the Malaysian WCS was developed and deployed in record time.

By the end of this year, DHL's operations in Brazil & Ireland will join Malaysia on the WCS roster, and by mid-2003 DHL plans to have many more countries in Asia Pacific, Europe & the Americas up and running.

In addition to providing trade content, Open Harbor's nimble trade automation workflow engine has been mapped to DHL's clearance processes. "WCS will help us further standardise clearance processes throughout the world, allowing us to automate operations more effectively. WCS, in combination with our advanced globally deployed Clearance Paperwork Imaging system, gives us a significant operational edge on the competition," Bass continued. "Even in our first WCS pilot implementation in Malaysia we're seeing productivity gains. We expect these to accumulate substantially as we roll out."

WCS allows DHL to view and handle all clearance transactions from export through import. The solution includes data validation, global product catalogue (including Harmonized System classification codes), electronic declaration filing, forms printing, and, importantly, exception management.

"Perhaps WCS's most important feature is the ability to view the total transaction process, ensuring that DHL's clearance staff are alerted to any and all clearance issues immediately," Erickson noted. "By contrast, most global trade management solutions require constant monitoring by the customer. WCS's exception management function calls out those issues that require human intervention, providing DHL with proactive, pre-emptive problem management."

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DHL Worldwide Express is the global market leader of the international air express industry. An established innovator since pioneering the industry in 1969, DHL continues to be at the forefront of technology, offering fast, responsive, and cost-effective, express deliveries in addition to e-commerce fulfillment and intelligent logistics solutions. The DHL network links over 120,000 destinations in more than 220 countries and territories, and employs 71,000 people. DHL is majority owned by Deutsche Post World Net. Other shareholders include Japan Airlines. (Acquisition of Lufthansa's shares by DPWN completed 5 July 2002 awaiting approval by the anti-trust agencies.)

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