April 4th, 1996

DHL Expands "Same Day" Service In The U.S. For Critical Shipments
    REDWOOD CITY, California - The U.S. arm of the DHL Worldwide Express network has expanded its "Same Day" service -- a service for U.S. originating shipments that cannot wait for overnight delivery -- to include more international destinations than any air express carrier, faster transit via supersonic Concorde aircraft, a satellite broadcast service, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

    With more than seven years of experience in the U.S. same-day market, DHL now offers this premium door-to-door service to more than 65 countries, in addition to accepting a wider range of commodities than most major competitors. DHL can also offer "Same Day" service on a door-to-airport basis to more than 200 countries.

    The speed of DHL's fastest service has been enhanced by the use of Concorde flights for U.S. outbound shipments destined for London, Paris and connections throughout Europe. These supersonic flights cut the transit time for trans-Atlantic flights in half, saving precious hours for extremely time-sensitive shipments.

    The new satellite broadcast service enables customers to ship broadcast quality audio and video tapes, door-to-door, to destinations around the world in as little as four hours. Customers of this service have their tapes picked up within one hour and taken to a local satellite broadcast facility where they are electronically transmitted to the destination city, converted back into tape and delivered by a courier to the final destination. "Even after the last flight has left, there are still options for shippers of audio and video material who require a delivery within hours," said Brian Billings, senior vice president of marketing and planning for DHL Airways, Inc., the U.S. arm of the DHL Worldwide Express network.

    DHL's "Same Day" service enhancements come after more than seven years of experience in this growing market. "As some of our competitors have only entered the same-day business within the past year, DHL has a proven record of superior service and the experience that enables us to offer the most comprehensive service, both domestically and internationally," said Billings. "This 'Same Day' service expansion offers DHL customers the most flexible express transportation options for any type of shipment regardless of size or weight," said Billings.

    "Same Day" is an around-the-clock, customized and secure service where a shipment of any weight or size moves on a next-flight-out-basis, and travels from origin to destination by the fastest method possible. Shipments are generally carried by passenger or cargo aircraft, depending on availability, and travel directly to their destinations, bypassing hubs and routing systems. The service is used for shipments with the most critical deadlines, such as shipping spare parts to get a closed assembly line back online. "'Same Day' is one more way that DHL can make the impossible possible, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year," said Billings.

    Additional "Same Day" service options include hand carry via on-board courier, express freight for heavier shipments, hold for pickup, delivery only, charter services, and a written set of standards to ensure that all customers receive 100 percent satisfaction with their shipments. Pricing of the service is based on weight and origin/destination. DHL's "Same Day" service is provided via Midnite Express, headquartered in Los Angeles, California and can be ordered 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-DHL-ASAP.

    DHL Worldwide Express is the world's largest and most experienced international air express network, linking more than 80,000 cities in more than 200 countries.
    The DHL Worldwide Express network ("DHL") is composed of DHL Airways, Inc. which serves all locations in the U.S. and its territories; and DHL International Ltd., which serves all locations outside the U.S. and its territories; and their agents and affiliated companies.